Whats the pay off ?

So Breathwork, or Rebirthing is actually a technique that been around for a long time, now as a result of the Father of all Breathwork (Leonard Orr) there are hundreds of types of Breathing techniques in the world. And most of them are used as a therapy .When this was brought into the western world we were experiencing a profound shift in perception ad consciousness . This technique can bring you into direct contact with your subconscious mind an your super conscious mind ad it does get you to the space between thoughts ,this space is called zero point, or no mind but full awareness.this space when you can get there is like being connected to infinite intelligence. So Breathwork can become a way of life. Becasue it puts you in touch with the power to make new choices and decisions. This conscious ability can bring about life changing results. So whats all the resistance about ???

Published by babaji2022

On a mission to raise the vibration of the planet especially those walking on it. Through the healing modality of Breathwork. Energetic Shift in consciousness

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