Wake up Warriors

I was asleep ,till I heard a very loud noise something woke me up,!

Did you hear it ,do you hear differently,do you see differently, Are you out of time ..

Wake up Warriors

Believe it or not you are at a turning point of light,

Let’s get this done!


There is a beautiful manifestation , which you have longed desired, coming into fruition NOW.

This exactly what I heard this morning,

So I asked myself what have you long desired. Here’s what I heard ,,,To know, and feel, with a unwavering commitment to know myself as who I am” Sovereignty” I have received a success determined message from deep inside ,that flash or impulse that says keep going you are the help you’ve been waiting for and it is coming together. It is woven in the stars.

BABAJI taught me both sides of the polarity,


Simplicity/Complexity Discipline/Rebellion

Thank You for your answering my letter “90

What is ours

The Power of Breathwork, As informative and transformative healing tool,Breathwork is more than just a Breathing technique it has become a light once turned on inside .This light always on and illuminating the way .It Will continually prove to be a profound tool for Self -Realization. A revealing of a inner map ,once understood and in flow with becomes the Awakening Tool of this great time in our great history. Our collectively global self-realization.Now more than ever people of all ages are open to more diverse types of healing.It is a world wide movement. Breathwork can be great benefit to your sense of well being and ability to function as changes in our outer world can continually change inner prespective.It can bring about Freedom even liberation from those lies running through our system . Like as though it was and is our life line. Till it becomes the Holy Breath which leads you what is truly the one True Self, This is not necessarily a pleasant and I do not feel it should be. Because ultimately what’s the goal of all of this anyways?