Energy becomes what it thinks about

Energy become what it thinks about.This is the most basic truth about Life. If you really understand these words,you are spiritually enlightened.Energy is the Source of all things. Energy is Infinite Being.the Eternal Spirit,Energy is Substance .Energy is God.But Energy is evenly distributed throughout space and time. It just exists and doesn’t do anything. Energy just is.When energy becomes impregnated by thought, Energy organizes itself into the form directed by the thought ,which may be physical thing.

To heal the emotional mind we received from our family is called spiritual liberation.This seems to take a lifetime for people to successfully do,but we cannot succeed at all if we do not start the process of self healing.And our chances of success are determined by the quality of principles and practices which we use in our lives daily.

Thank you Leonard Orr ,for giving the world a way out

Thank you for Rebirthing Breathwork, Conscious Connected Breathing

Whats the pay off ?

So Breathwork, or Rebirthing is actually a technique that been around for a long time, now as a result of the Father of all Breathwork (Leonard Orr) there are hundreds of types of Breathing techniques in the world. And most of them are used as a therapy .When this was brought into the western world we were experiencing a profound shift in perception ad consciousness . This technique can bring you into direct contact with your subconscious mind an your super conscious mind ad it does get you to the space between thoughts ,this space is called zero point, or no mind but full awareness.this space when you can get there is like being connected to infinite intelligence. So Breathwork can become a way of life. Becasue it puts you in touch with the power to make new choices and decisions. This conscious ability can bring about life changing results. So whats all the resistance about ???


This is not something you should do once, but you can. Why stop at just dipping your toe into the pool of freedom. This modality of healing makes life safe,which makes it easier to let go ,surrender,allowing the pure energy to peeling away at all the constructs that have kept you in your program of suffering and struggle.

Blogging about The Breathwork Project

It occurred to me that the project is not a destination or a goal, or an idea, that maybe the project all along has been me. I am the project. I am the example of what happens when your going along in a deep sleep, acting as if you got the understanding of the bigger game. You asked way to many questions and eventually slumber started to stir around and some sense of half a sleep but still walking around in a mechanical way. But, wait that has been the norm. You got yourself convinced that there couldn’t be any more to understand. Now its about getting better at navigational skills,right? Talking like you got a new language, your always in undercover mode , you figured out the secrets, but its so far reaching they threaten the very core of your fake security. cryptic isn’t it all.

But if I am the project ,who wrote the plan? who appointed me the key player? Becoming aware of the overarching theme in my life, psychic and emotional wounds, triggers, invisible needs, archetypal equivalents, buried trauma, and negative attitudes and patterns is no easy feat. There’s a reason it was referred to in alchemical terminology as “The Great Work”, and it’s due to the amount of effort, willingness, and sincerity that it demands. It’s a lifetime endeavor and its through shadow work that it’s achieved. Now that’s a project.