Katrina G

I was attracted to breathwork from my earlier practice of yoga. Paula was a teacher at my center in Michigan. Her ability to make a holy space to do the breathwork put me at ease from the beginning. During the entire event, Her attention was on each one of us guiding our breath and watchingContinue reading “Katrina G”

Joseph A. Drolshagen

I have spent most of my adult life seeking spirituality.I have spent many hours in counseling (both individual as well as group) programs of various sorts. I’ve attempted meditation, both with and without the bible as the staple. I studied different religions and I probably have  enough knowledge of each to carry on an intelligentContinue reading “Joseph A. Drolshagen”

Johane Rutledge

BREATHWORK SAVED MY LIFE! I had a definite death wish for the first 38 yrs of  my life and that until I met Paula and starting breathing,I didn”t know what it was and didn”t believe I could possibly enjoy life ever.The day I discovered that I was a joyful spirit,it took my breath away.Then, IContinue reading “Johane Rutledge”

Elizabeth Carver

Paula  ,Your deep knowledge of and respect for your own spirituality & higher consciousness make you the perfect guide for those of us hoping to explore &h​eal our own innerselves. My experience as your student in the Espira class has been absolutely life changing. Each stage allowed me to hold and truly see differen aspectsContinue reading “Elizabeth Carver”