What’s up with the breathwork project


Since 1992, Paula Rowe has been on a mission, after her certification with the founder and co-founder of the Rebirthing Movement, she proudly wore her tee shirt that said “Breath Planet Earth by 2000, In 2006 Soul Awakening Project was born and the mission was getting even clearer.  To assist humanities awakening, breathe often and as many souls as you can.

So here we are in 2019 in the biggest awakening of mass consciousness ever in the history of planet earth. And yet the mission is still ongoing for her. The bigger picture, breathe as many souls as possible, move that stagnate energy out, lighten up, expand our field of understanding. Assist all who choose the light. Whether they know it as a conscious choice or not. We are surrounded by modalities that can assist us to a quickening effect. The timeline of your highest potential is within reach now more than ever before. Lightworkers around the world are on a threshold of massive expansion. We must make a conscious choice to add to the light of the world. With every thought, word, action, emotion, we are empowering either the light or darkness.

The Breathwork project is about unsticking yourself, shaking up everything inside you that is your own self imprisonment.

We no longer need or can wait, for everything to get back to whatever you feel, and think is normal, those timelines are gone.

We have entered a time of mass purification, so we can get right to the heart of forgiveness, the heart of most has been closed off and remains closed by judgment, entitlement, separation, peer group thoughts. Our fears are like a nail on the coffin. It only cements us in a continuous looping of programs that feed the dark. I have been privileged to have a tool in my box for shadow work, which I feel is the higher calling of work required for these times. Even though there are many who understand shadow work, it’s about really claiming those pieces of self were afraid to acknowledge. The ones we would rather hide from still. These energies in the body, cause all kinds of problems. But we must come to terms with ourselves, the dark and the light, Bringing it into real forgiveness’. Which leads to dissolve the past. So, we can claim a new concept of where we are going and who we really are. Without the weight of all that, it is possible to walk into the Now moment with nothing behind attaching itself to us. Can you imagine the freedom, I think this kind of freedom is who we really are? And the light of God is always victorious, and I am that light.

My vision is to Breath as a community, raising up in consciousness and focus awareness on transmuting the mis qualified energies that impede our growth and take away our God given freedom.

Breathwork Session

Thank you for coming to my page have created a 50 min Breathing session . This will guide you right into a complete Breathing session . Please click on the price and it will take you to a payment option. There's a 30 sec demo if you click on the play button. This mp3 is not for beginners, so Please use responsibly. Enjoy the power of the Breath, And Thank you for supporting The Breathwork Project.